Suite 606, 370 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria 3004, Australia

Phone: 0412 327 604 | Fax: 03 9923 6686

Thoughtful Mental Health Care, By Appointment, On Referral

Referral, Communication and Collaboration


Scope of Practice

In the main, I see patients with depressive and anxiety disorders, problems with work and lifestyle stress, and with their comorbidities, such as substance misuse.

I tend not to see patients with psychosis, or who have had public hospital admissions with suicidality, because they are better managed in a team environment, but I am happy to consider a referral you think may be appropriate.

I do not currently provide inpatient care at the Albert Road Clinic, although I refer to their daypatient programs, and I work collaboratively with outside psychologists.


I am again taking new referrals for outpatient care. For patients requiring hospitalisation, I suggest contacting the intake offices of Albert Road Clinic, The Melbourne Clinic, Delmont Hospital or Epworth Hospital. Thank you for your ongoing support.


I have chosen to not have reception staff. 

Argus is my preferred avenue for updates and referrals, otherwise fax or post. 

I will write to you after a completed assessment, and periodically as circumstances and progress require.

You are welcome to call, either in relation to a shared patient or for general advice, 0412 327 604. You will usually have to leave a message.


From time to time I may order relevant pathology, and request copies be sent to you. In the event of an anomaly requiring medical follow-up, I will advise the patient to see you to discuss the results further.

Under most circumstances I would ask you to refer to your preferred medical specialist when needed.